November 30, 2015- JD appeals to Gayle to send his report to staff

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From: JD Smith <>
Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: mailing list
To: Gayle Erwin <>

Gayle, thank you for your reply during this busy season.Congratulations on your 57 years—I trust you are having a good vacation.
I know it may not be easy to think about sending the staff your original report. You asked me to “put the gist of it in your words and send that”.
May I make a few observations?
First, we (the Diaspora) believe the staff will disregard anything sent from me or Diaspora, just as the majority have deleted our previous messages to avoid listening to an “evil report”. The staff regard me almost as the devil himself because of what they have been told by KP. Nothing I send will have the same impact of a direct email from you.
Second, you said it “would be inappropriate for the report to be the first item” the staff receives from you after not being in contact with the staff in so long. Even with no contact from you since March, your email and attached original report meant more to us than you know. Many staff were confused when they didn’t get to share their concerns during the investigation and were devastated when your final report came out. They will be glad to finally hear the real story from you.
Third, we believe time is of the essence. If the Canadian board tells leadership they have received your original report, KP may try to mitigate its impact by telling staff you have been set against GFA by “bitter ex-staff” and not to believe these “lies”. If they expect your email, many may delete it without reading it.
We urge you to consider sending the staff the same kind of message you sent to us. We believe the current staff will be shocked to learn the truth and will be glad in the end to know the truth. Leadership’s control of information cannot be permitted to continue.
Indeed word will spread quickly once your original report gets out, but we have intentionally not spread it to give you the opportunity to tell it yourself.
P.S. We are happy to help you with any technical support if you have need.