December 1, 2015 * Gayle Erwin Sends Original Board Report and ECFA Report to Diaspora

Former GFA board member Gayle reveals the ECFA report and his original investigation report that was rejected and altered.

“I am sending you a very complete set of files that will give you understanding.”

From: Gayle Erwin <>
Date: Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: mailing list
To: JD Smith <>


I am sending you a very complete set of files that will give you understanding. However, I am placing in the report of my investigation permission for you to share the report with anyone including staff. I will not be sending the report to everyone, but you can. If you wait on me, it will be too long. I am on the road with only brief access to Wifi. So, look these files over in the folder. There are some surprises.


Gayle Erwin
From the highways and hedges handing out invitations

Gayle’s apology to Diaspora.

Gayle’s original report to the board.

Gayle’s official “Final Report” of the board’s investigation sent to Diaspora in March 2015.

Gayle’s letters of concern to KP, giving reasons why he disagreed with the final report.

ECFA’s final report.

GFA’s response to ECFA’s report.

Gayle’s resignation letter.


Diaspora’s full communication history with GFA and its boards.