November 27, 2015-Gayle asks JD to send a summary of his report to staff

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From: Gayle Erwin <>
Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 5:31 AM
Subject: Re: mailing list
To: JD Smith <>

Good morning, JD,

Trust that you had a joyous Thanksgiving. We certainly did. Spent it with a number of our children, grandchildren and great Grandchildren plus celebration of my wife and my 57th anniversary.
As to the mailing list, first, since I have not been in contact with them, this would be inappropriate for the report to be the first item. Second, I think that since you have been the go-to person, you can put the gist of it in your words and send that. Let’s wait before sending the whole thing. Third, Beginning today and for 11 more days, my wife and I will be traveling and will not have the time to do it. Fourth, I have never done a bulk mailing before and don’t know how. I have a computer guy in Idaho who does know how, but he only does piece work for me now.
Surely, by now, the news has gone out to everyone.
Gayle Erwin
From the highways and hedges handing out invitations