“The Diaspora is trying to get staff to leave.”

It is not our intention to pull staff away from GFA. Rather, our goal is that leaders wholly turn back to God’s ways, that the board and donors hold them accountable, and that staff know and walk in the truth.

If staff know the truth and feel called to stay, they can be agents of change as they help the ministry walk in the light. And then the Lord can be pleased as the Gospel reaches the unreached of Asia through righteous means.

On the other hand, there may be some staff who sense God is calling them on from GFA to partner with others to serve the Lord, whether though full-time ministry or “tent-making”. We know by experience the challenge involved regarding finances, housing, and procuring a new job—not to mention the process of discerning the will of God in all of this. In fact, these things caused some of us to remain on staff longer than what we sensed was God’s will. Yet He faithfully provided for each of us.

May God accomplish His work through each person as He sees fit for His kingdom.