Testimony of Susan

USA 2003-2006

I was fired from GFA shortly after I returned from three months of working at the Indian office in Kerala. The firing was a complete surprise and no real reason was given. I had three hours to vacate my office. This is the last communication I sent to KP after I was unexpectedly fired:

Dear Sir,

Hope your travels went well and that the TV channel is still going strong!

I’m sorry that I did not get to say goodbye to you in person. I’m so very thankful to the Lord that He arranged my last interaction with you. It was last Tuesday evening, when after I shared prayer requests about GFATV, you reached out to shake my hand and say well done. That will be one of my last memories of you. Thank you!

I don’t know what was said to you last week but I’ve been down this road before. The Lord took care of the situation last time so I’m sure He will this time. I was frustrated, and I did talk to Larry. I felt I had talked it (my frustrations) over with Larry and all had been resolved. Or so I thought. I had no idea there was any other problem. I was not involved in a “leadership” meeting about my frustrations, not told that I needed to pray about my continued involvement with GFA over the weekend. It came as a complete surprise to be released from GFA on Monday afternoon.

(It does seem a little strange that God has “changed His mind.” I know that God called me here; leadership agreed that God had called me here and now “leadership” has changed their minds?)

But, it’s okay. I hold no bitterness. I’m saddened that policy manual guidelines were not followed and that my “reason” for being released was “It has been three years and you haven’t changed.” (That is a direct quote from David C.) I know that was meant to be an accusation but I take it as a compliment. I feel I have been rock solid on my foundation of Jesus. Straight talk, straight living, honest communication. I’ve stayed the course, regardless of all that has been leveled at me by my “leadership”. I have served you, Bro. KP to the best of my ability, as unto the Lord and I know you know that.

So, as I depart I would like to leave with a few comments that I truly and lovingly think you need to hear. Don’t worry, I’m not writing this to “blast” you by any means. I truly recognize that God has called you and gifted you to lead this ministry. And we all want you to lead us. We are in this together after all. As I pray for you as I would want to be prayed for, I find myself praying that God would lovingly and gently restore to you the humility you once walked in when you were small in your own eyes. I believe, by your own admission, more time spent in the presence of the Throne would accomplish this.

Secondly, I pray and already see God answering, that He would continue to lead you to His model of leadership, servant leadership. Serving and really caring for those who labor in the vineyard under you. Taking care of the sheep (serving them) will most certainly accomplish the ministry goals. After all, Jesus didn’t tell Peter to go out and win the world, He simply said, “Feed My sheep.”

I have faith to believe that God will accomplish all this and more in you, sir. I know that GFA will continue to do a great work in Asia. Thank you for letting me have a small part in it for these past 3.5 years. It has been hard, but I trust it will prove worth the battle!

See you in heaven, sir! Please say goodbye to Gisela and Sarah for me.