March 17, 2015 – The Diaspora invites GFA staff to this website

The Diaspora invites GFA staff to visit this website to educate them about our efforts, since many have only heard about us—apparently with some misinformation—from their leaders. The GFA leaders and Board were included in this email.

“After seeking the Lord in prayer and much godly counsel, we feel a responsibility to share with you these concerns and the full story.”

From: GFA Diaspora <>
Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 9:17 PM
Subject: Speaking the Truth in Love – The Rest of the Story
To: [GFA staff, leaders, and board members]

Dear GFA Brothers and Sisters,

Last year, after learning that many former GFA staff saw systemic unbiblical practices and were improperly treated during their service, a group came together and reached out to GFA’s leadership and boards to address these problems. Although we have all seen God do many good things through His people at the ministry, we could not overlook these issues in good conscience.

Unfortunately, communications have failed to bring about any resolution or further cooperation. We can only conclude that our concerns have been dismissed. After seeking the Lord in prayer and much godly counsel, we feel a responsibility to share with you these concerns and the full story.

While all of our stories are different, many of us individually tried to work through questions with leadership, only to be put off or asked to leave the ministry. Very few of us ever had a formal exit interview, and many attempts to reach out to leadership while on staff were ignored. Most of us forgave and decided to move on. Then we realized our individual stories were part of a larger narrative revealing unbiblical doctrines and practices. Now we have done our best to justly and prayerfully bring our concerns to everyone responsible for holding GFA accountable. We can only conclude that our concerns have been dismissed–viewed as petty offenses at worst. It is not our intention to cause unnecessary division, but rather long-term reconciliation and peace.

We desire that, while reaching the lost in Asia, GFA maintains a healthy spiritual environment for the staff and transparency for the sake of those who support the work. We are concerned for the ministry and for you, the friends we love, who have invested your lives as we have ours to reach Asia with the Gospel.

Scripture directs us to test all things and to walk in the light as He is in the light. By sharing the communications we’ve had with leadership and the GFA board, you can judge for yourselves our concerns and perhaps help bring needed change for the sake of fellow staff, supporters, those on the field, and ultimately the glory of the Lord.

To hear our personal testimonies and all that has transpired, please visit our non-public website and use the following generic, anonymous login:
www dot gfadiaspora dot com (remove the spaces and replace “dot” with .)
user: [redacted for security]
password: [redacted for security]

We appreciate your devotion to the Lord and hope you prayerfully assess our concerns. May God give you grace, peace and discernment as you consider His view on these issues.

The Diaspora

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