September 18, 2014 * JD & Larry call KP: KP promises to meet with us and to inform staff

K.P. says that 75 signers can not all be wrong, that the Lord is using us, and offers to give us the group meeting that we were looking for.

He promises to tell the staff the next morning that we are not trying to take down the ministry and that God is using us. We request that he do this because we value our friends on staff.

K.P. does not admit any specific wrongs or concede that we are correct in our accusations.

“Listen JD, tomorrow, tomorrow we have our entire staff meeting.”

Phone conversation transcript

Note: As far as we know he did not tell the staff, or at least adequately, because many staff still believe and have even told us that we are being used by the Enemy to try and take down the ministry, and that “there are two sides to every story” and even though we served there, somehow we don’t understand the “other side.”