November 24, 2015-Gayle Erwin sends JD his original report

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Gayle Erwin <>
Date: Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 3:45 PM
Subject: of interest to you
To: Smith JD <>

Hello J. D.,

I received your email asking for my help in putting the GFA controversy to rest in a godly manner. You are, of course, aware of my resignation, along with Damian Kyle and Skip Heitzig, from the board of GFA. This ended 30 years of board service for me.

I have waited and watched to see how the news of ECFA expulsion would play out and what degree of candor and openness would follow. I can wait no longer.

The document attached to this letter is the report I made originally to KP and, afterward, the Board of GFA, of my investigation of the charges made in behalf of yourself and the Diaspora of GFA. This is the first time the initial report has been made public and I hope it will be of some comfort to you and your group.

When I first presented the conclusions of my investigation to KP  (with David Carroll present) KP glanced at it, declared that he was a speed reader, and began what I will simply call an ugly scene filled with expressions I don’t wish to repeat. I presented this same report to the Board of GFA. The ugly scene began again. My recommendation was that we confess, make restitution and change, and that I be granted permission to meet with you. The board rejected my findings and I was instructed to write the public report which was sent to you. Although the board was very pleased with the report, the agony of having written it has not left me. I apologize to you for the report that was sent to you. Some of the report I wrote with the hope that it would become true and that I was making progress in some intense mental and spiritual combat with KP. The financial part that I dismissed, I later learned was true. Please forgive me.

Hopefully we can have that face-to-face meeting in the future and simply speak of kingdom things.


Gayle Erwin
From the highways and hedges handing out invitations


To view Gayle’s original report, click HERE.