April 2, 2015 * Diaspora Response to Final Report from GFA US Board

The Diaspora’s response to the Final Report from Gayle’s investigation.

“we will not make any further appeal to you—but we cannot agree that the matter is closed or resolved”

April 2, 2015

To: [GFA US and Canada Board]

Dear GFA Board Members,

Thank you for formally responding to our concerns. However, your final report leaves us confused and disappointed.

You begin by expressing broken-heartedness and repentance but fail to describe any specific change in thought and action. There is no acknowledgement of specific wrongs committed. Instead, what follows appears to be a defense rather than repentance. How can someone confess broken-heartedness and repentance and then state that the accusations are neutralized?

Are you speaking for the board or on behalf of GFA leaders when you state that individual contact has not been afforded? Aside from one e-mail requesting a testimony (which was provided), and contacting a former staff member who is not part of the Diaspora, how many of us did you attempt to contact?

Prior to writing our first letter, attempts had been made by some former staff to address concerns on an individual basis but without success. Was it not biblical to next bring some witnesses to voice concerns and hear as a group GFA’s response? If our biblical process was unclear, did you ask any of us why there is now hesitancy to meet one-on-one with GFA leadership?

If GFA is willing to do anything within their power to apologize and seek forgiveness, why did you not meet with some of us along with a neutral party to help facilitate? If GFA truly seeks healing for those who have suffered damage of spirit, we expected a willingness to handle the situation in the reasonable manner proposed by those who were wronged. This would have been a good step to restore broken trust.

We hoped a full investigation would include a summary of the reason for the investigation, testimonies of people you interviewed, and careful confirmation or refutation of each accusation and our supporting evidence. These components appear to be almost completely absent. While mostly overlooking our original concerns, you respond to some matters we don’t recall bringing up.

We heard that GFA leadership was interviewed, but we wonder why no interviews were conducted with any of those who are part of the Diaspora? We had no opportunity to hear and respond to GFA leadership’s testimony provided to you.

You believe that our concerns are without foundation in terms of fulfilling GFA’s call to enlarge the Kingdom of God. However, God is concerned not just with numerical growth but spiritual health (Mat 7:22–23). Jesus’ own letters to the seven churches in Revelation also make that clear. Considering the seriousness of our concerns, is it excessive for you to make time for a meeting? After all, it is your responsibility to oversee the ministry and make sure it is being conducted in a manner worthy of the gospel.

While we respect your freedom to respond as you did, we are disappointed because your report is incomplete and inconsistent. Since this is your final report and communication, we will not make any further appeal to you—but we cannot agree that the matter is closed or resolved. May God bring correction by some other avenue as He sees fit, so that GFA might walk in His ways, bear much fruit and, in KP’s own words, “finish well”.


The Diaspora