June 17, 2014 * Diaspora’s Letter to GFA and Board

This Letter to GFA and Board was the first communication from our group to GFA.

It is the single most important document for staff to read. It fully outlines our concerns, and explains why we and our advisory pastors believe they are valid.

This letter was sent as hard-copy via express mail on June 17, 2014, to every US and Canada senior leader, corporate officer and board member, as well as to the known leaders of every GFA international office, except field leaders or offices as we did not wish to involve the field. In the following weeks it was also emailed to a few board members who did not receive the hard copy.

We received advisory input from four pastors on the letter, and each one said that if the things the letter says are true, then they are indeed very serious and need to be dealt with. They also said that the way in which we were approaching this was biblical. Each pastor agreed to keep the matter confidential by our request.

“we are deeply concerned about five key issues at GFA”

Letter to GFA and Board